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PT. Tiga Rasa Indonesia`s solid network of logistic and distribution
smade us one of the market leader in Indonesia and world wide.

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We are one of the largest exporter and importer of spices and commodities in Indonesia.
Through our strong and established distribution network since the early 80s until now, PT. Tiga Rasa Indonesia Supplies spices and commodities to numerous countries in the world.

With the experience of more than 20 years, our understanding of this business is deep, from upstream to downstream, from the process to reach the last consumer. Our professionalism can be seen from loyal customers over the past 20 years in more than 11 countries.

World Wide Market Coverage

PT. Tiga Rasa Indonesia supplies to trade spices such as Indonesian Tamarind, Indonesian Candlenut, Indonesian Green Mung Beans and other spices anywhere in the world, where our current customers include bulk importers, restaurants, health food shops, market traders, brewers, seasoning blenders and many more!

We aim to be recognised as a leading provider of Indonesian agiculture spices & commodity sourcing related services to the healthcare sector across all continents, providing confidence through high quality products.

Indonesia Market Coverage

PT. Tigarasa Indonesia has been operating for more than 20 years, that`s one of the reason the distribution of our products throughout the big cities and even villages in Indonesia has been evenly distributed.

To maintain the market share stability, the only key to our success is quality products. Another thing supporting our existence is the punctuality, accuracy and assurance of supply with a consistency that we always shown from time to time.

PT. TIGA RASA product specialties in the world wide market

Logistic & Shipping

Tiga Rasa's infratructure in the origins facilitates the efficient export and import of our products. We have an ability to manage the multi modal transpotation requirements requirements of our business. This ensure we remain competitive and flexible to meet our client's requirements, no matter how complex they are.

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